Shipping To APO and FPO

APO and FPO Shipping

We do offer shipping to all APO and FPO. However, all these shipments take one to two additional days to ship out. In addition there are no loss claims, late delivery refunds or damage claims honored under any circumstances. You ship these orders at your own risk. Not all products are available for APO/FPO shipping. When shipping to any and all Military bases the proper zip and address format are:

  • AE (Armed Forces Europe/ Canada/ Middle East/ Africa) -09XXXX
  • AP (Armed Forces Pacific) 96XXX
  • AA (Armed Forces Atlantic) 34XXX

Cost for shipping is: All AE Shipments - $18.95

                             All FPO, AP/AA Shipments - $21.95

Please contact us if you have any questions.