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Candle Gift Baskets

Candle Gift Baskets are sure to delight everyone. These beautifully scented gifts make great gifts for all occasions. Have a look through all the candle gift options we have and you're sure to find one for everyone. These candles are made with non-lead wicks and highly refined paraffin wax specially blended with beeswax for stronger scent and longer burning time. Each and every candle is carefully hand poured for the highest quality. No harmful additvies added in any of our candles. Whether you're dining, entertaining, relaxing or working, these candles create a warm and soothing atmostphere in your home and office. Candles also make excellent gift ideas for any special occasion. Whether you're looking for a birthday gift, mother's day gift, Christmas gift, gift for him, gift for her, or a gift for yourself, candles always make the perfect choice.  With your order you will receive a $25 Gift Card.
4 oz Flower Pot Votive Refill4 oz Flower Pot Votive Refill
4 oz Flower Pot Votive4 oz Flower Pot Votive
2-Wick Frosted Jar Dye Free Soy Candles2-Wick Frosted Jar Dye Free Soy Candles
8 oz 2-wick Frosted Jar Soy Candle8 oz 2-wick Frosted Jar Soy Candle
9.5 oz Apothecary Jar Dye Free Soy Candles9.5 oz Apothecary Jar Dye Free Soy Candles
7.5 oz Tumbler Jar Soy Candles7.5 oz Tumbler Jar Soy Candles
Rustic Candle HolderRustic Candle Holder
Round Blue Glass Votive Holder Set of TwoRound Blue Glass Votive Holder Set of Two
26 oz Square Pillar Soy Candles26 oz Square Pillar Soy Candles
16 oz Frosted Jar Soy Candles16 oz Frosted Jar Soy Candles
16 oz Apothecary Jar Dye Free Soy Candles16 oz Apothecary Jar Dye Free Soy Candles
Ceramic Flower Tart Warmer in Three StylesCeramic Flower Tart Warmer in Three Styles
Apple Votive Gift SetApple Votive Gift Set
Melon Votive Gift SetMelon Votive Gift Set
Bakery I Votive Gift SetBakery I Votive Gift Set
Bakery II Votive Gift SetBakery II Votive Gift Set
Citrus Votive Gift SetCitrus Votive Gift Set
Holiday Votive Gift SetHoliday Votive Gift Set
Fruit Votive Gift SetFruit Votive Gift Set
Aromatherapy Votive Gift SetAromatherapy Votive Gift Set
Floral Votive Gift SetFloral Votive Gift Set
Berry Votive Gift SetBerry Votive Gift Set
Floral 3 Pillar Gift SetFloral 3 Pillar Gift Set
Fruit 3 Pillar Gift SetFruit 3 Pillar Gift Set
Berry 3 Pillar Gift SetBerry 3 Pillar Gift Set
Strawberry Cheesecake Candle Gift SetStrawberry Cheesecake Candle Gift Set
Pumpkin Pie Candle Gift SetPumpkin Pie Candle Gift Set
Lemon Meringue Candle Gift SetLemon Meringue Candle Gift Set
Baked Apple Pie Candle Gift SetBaked Apple Pie Candle Gift Set
Spiced Cookie Candle Gift SetSpiced Cookie Candle Gift Set
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